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(New Series-ish): Guilty Piece of Fanfic Friday

So, we’ve all got a game or a series or some kind of thing  we’ve come across that we’ve turned or thought about turning into a fanfic or short story at least once (and if you deny it I call bullshit) .

In addition to what I hope to be turning out every Monday, I thought I would try and eek this out as well, on Fridays. Give or take a day or two.

In this installment, the character will be a female, I DO plan to release a gay/Yaoi (whatever you kids want to call it these days) version at some point, but I decided to start off with a female because if Balthier was real I would totally marry him and have all his babies.. And since this is a GLPoF, why not indulge in that a little? Anyway, enjoy (or try) .






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