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New News and more news.

 It’s UP. FINALLY!!!!

(Get your mind out of the gutter. Rofl. XD)

Check out this Wednesday’s 15 Minute Writing Exercise!!!

I know it feels like I’ve been letting ya all down with posting schedule, but I have an excuse! XD.

As many of you know, inspiration and the will to write doesn’t always happen ‘on time’, especially if you command it.. There’s been family drama going on, work, stress, life. All those fun things popping up. I’ve been trying, writing bits and pieces here and there, but I promise to try better.

If you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see written about for Guilty Piece of FanFic Friday‘s, let me know and I’ll take a vote.

OHHH! ‘Fore I forget, if you haven’t noticed, I fixed the GPoFF link in the drop down menu. So 2.2 IS there. Have a read. I knew looking at the thing that I had written something afterwards, but couldn’t find it. A bit of sleuthing later and I realized  had number the pages wrong. So, that’s settled if you want to have a gander.

ALSO!!! I’m fairly confident I’m going to have next Monday’s TotTSM up on time for a change! SO check back soon! It’s  extra long to make up for the wait. I hope it’ll make up for my slackerness.

On a side note, I am putting together something kind of nifty I hope to share before long.

Lots of stuff happening. Finally. XD I think this is a product of sleep deprivation and too much caffeine, but I’ll take it!

So. Anyway. Enjoy!!!

                                                            – S.


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