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NaNoWriMo – Down for the count.

Whelp. I hate my story. Hated writing it this year, got writer’s block more than I can count, but with a lot of work, long nights and zoning/spacing out and listening to rain while I wrote, my current word count is thus: 50473




Next year I’m going to have a different plan of attack. I tried a Steampunk-y story this year and it have me so much trouble, I guess because I’d never done it before. Oh, and despite kind of loving her, I really wound up disliking my heroine. She became one of those independent girls to a fault. Overly stubborn, Hamlet-level second-guessing herself.. And so forth. I mean, I adore her. She’s sassy and smart and such, but what she was so much work to develop. Bad Kathryn, BAD. XD


Next year, providing I’m going to do it (never count chickens before they hatch and all. I want to say I’m 75% sure I am, but come this time next year I don’t want to be working my ass off or heavens forbid be sick or some such, et certa) I’m going to do something really fantasy-ish.


Possibly a sequel to my first years thing that I never actually finished although I had/have it planned out.


Anyway. Carry on.


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