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Protesting SOPA

If you haven’t heard already, WordPress is one of the many websites out there such as Wikipedia and in part like Google, who are going full ‘black out’ on Wednesday, January 18th in protest of SOPA. I hope everyone will participate. It’s time to stand up for our rights! Stay off of Google, FB, Twitter, etc. Let’s show these bastards who’s boss!



  Sitting here by the light of a waxing moon, I tremble..

  The color in my face has long drained away and my blood runs as cold as the coming frost.  With one shaking hand I write. The scratching of the quill upon yellowed parchment doing little to drown out the  agonized screams that bellow into the dark. My mind races in a thousand frenzied circles, all within the space of a heart beat. 

  Why, my darling?

  For all the sorrow which now I bare, all the world boils down to just that one question. Oh how I have loved you.. And now that love merely fades into the dark of night like my quaking breaths.

  My darling.. My love. Where am I without you? My life, my heart was yours…