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TotTSM – Part 2

A work in progress. Might tweek it soon.

  – – – – – – Grave Dawn – – – – – – –

– – – – – – –

“What the effing hell!” Phena screamed, quickly scrambling to her feet as the disembodied voice commanded. If this was say, the voice of her subconscious, than it was pretty damn terrifying. YEARS of nothing but whispers and the like had done little to impress her or sharpen her senses. “What do you want?!” she gasped, once more searching the fog for a person, a figure, hell even a kitten would be something at this point.

Twenty yards before her, hanging in the sky there was shown a set of eyes. The biggest, clearest, most vibrant, PIERCING  teal eyes Phena had ever seen… And focused all on her. There was no mouth nor head nor frame to speak of, but at the moment, she didn’t care.

“What do you want from me?! YEARS of this nonsense and NOW you’re deciding to show yourself? What did I do now?” Phena snapped, then immediately regretted it. Perhaps being short with… whatever this was, wasn’t such a grand idea..

Phena.. Thou hast been drawn to this place for one purpose, to see thee on the course thou wast always meant for.

Phena couldn’t help but laugh. She of all people was not the ‘hero’ sort, if that’s what this … being was trying to get at. There was nothing so special in her that couldn’t be found in a thousand other girls.

   You hark not your importance,

The voice continued, dare Phena think with a hint of… mirth?

    But now is the hour upon which you set foot on the course from which none may veer. Of all the souls who have ever been, there hath been a special mark upon your own. Seek that mark within two others. Their courses hath already been long set as well, and hence are they driven.

   Her mouth suddenly as parched as the desert, Phena’s mind scrambled to find the words. Of course there were a thousand questions to ask.. And yet from her mouth all there could be heard was a few stumbled syllables.

“Wha…. er… I mean… How am I supposed to recognize these people? Am I supposed to go up to every single person I meet  and ask them: ‘does your soul have a mark on it?’, ‘Did a floating set of eyes tell you that you were ‘special’?’. Forgive my skepticism, but this doesn’t make sense. I’m not a Prophet, I’m not a Seer. I have no powers.. And then IF I find these people, what then?” she inquired, her gold eyes anxiously searching the disembodied teal set for answers.

Again there seemed to be a glimmer of amusement in the twin lamps which so carefully studied her beneath their piercing, fixating gaze.

Daughter of  the Three Suns, when the time comes, the roads shall be revealed to thee.  Do you truly think such designs would be in place without the proper means to act upon them?

Phena’s mouth opened to speak; to ask what that meant. She never believed in destiny, only the kind of life one could eek out in the fabric of life. But as her mouth started to fall agape, the world rushed by her and soon went black. The next Phena knew she was standing, still in her night gown, in the middle of a long dirt road; the sky was a brilliant crystal blue, and the sun was shinning brightly over head.

“Hell..” she sighed and started walking, arms crossed protectively over her small but ample chest. Gods only knew where she had wound up.. The last time this happened she woke up in the middle of someones field. No one believed her of course. They assumed she had woken in the middle of the night and gone off for a walk, or to secretly meet her lover, or so the rumors went.. Which was ludicrous of course. She was well past fifteen, but still a virgin by all accounts.

Nevertheless, the only thing  that she could do was walk. Given what had just happened though, Kaeda was more than happy to do so. Savoring the sun and the sky, and the dirt beneath her bare feet as if she had just been woken into life this very morn.

Quite happy in her thoughts, Phena trod on. Although after a while, maybe an hour or so judging by the suns position, every step she took, she couldn’t help but think this was the wrong direction and she ought to turn around and go the other way. Bloody abductions, why couldn’t she ever be deposited back into her own bed? Was she somehow unfit? Did they think she needed a good exercise?

Nevertheless, the girl from Harphallow couldn’t see what else there was to do. If she got to the next town and it turned out to be a dead end, or completely opposite of where she needed to be, than Phena figured she’d just turn around and head back. Maybe camp out in a tree to get some sleep. Either way, the fates hadn’t given her much choice in this. Perhaps that’s what angered her in all of the stories she’d been told as a youth. All these heroes who didn’t want to be heroes and yet because the gods ‘willed’ it, they had to abandon all and prove themselves.. And for what? So they could wind up as children’s bedtime stories? The real truth and merit of their deeds lost to time and human embellishment..

Ah, there you go Phena.. Always the pessimist..  she chided herself and drew a breath. Topping the hill, she surveyed the land before her and was glad to see the next down just beyond another ridge of trees. If she was lucky, she could make it there before the end of the afternoon and be able to orient herself therein..

Of course, with the way things were going in her life all the sudden, who was to say closing the gap between here and there would be so easy.. Phena hoped so. She was tired and sore, and come would probably be a bit cold. It was midsummer at home, but until she got to a place with a damn sign, she could guess how conditions were once the sun had set..

“Alright then… I guess it’s onward..”

– – – –

(Talk about holy frig. This things sat in my ‘drafts’ for ever. Sorry about that)

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