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TotTSM – Part 15

“You’re sure?” Palace Mage Dallid scoffed, looking around the dead woman’s room with a look of disgust upon his countenance. It was well known this Ori was an old fool; whose head was so full of fanciful stories about the old past and hopes for a ‘grand, new’ future. That she dabbled in the magical arts of old, and was no demure woman, even to the palace guards as she was supposed to have been silent and unobtrusive..

“As… as far as we can tell sire, yes. We’ve scoured the whole palace from top t’ bottom and we ‘aven’t found ’em anywhere..”

“Everywhere?” Dallid snapped, his eyes darting over to one of his nameless underlings, practically pissing himself as he stood there, clutching a clipboard between his arms.

“Yes, sire.. Ev-everywhere! I’ve even got ’em double checkin’ from top t’ bottom!”

Dallid sighed irritably. The incompetence of nearly everyone here was almost enough to drive him batty. HOW had none of the soldiers, scullery maids, foot men, regular staff, kitchen cleaners– AY of them NOT have noticed a strange man and some rather plan-looking girl running through the corridors or taking the servants stairs to get out of the Palace? SURELY someone in this run-down shanty of a ‘royal’ palace had seen something? What were they being employed for? Surely not to stand around and look pretty.. Not a soul in this place, even the King and his half-dozen, ripe for the picking virgin daughters could claim an ounce of passing beauty..

Virgins.. the thought made his thin lips arch up into a wicked kind of smile, albeit a fleeting one.

These princesses might have been ugly as fuck, but that didn’t necessarily mean spoiling each and every one of them wouldn’t be fun.. Oh, he could just see the fear in their eyes as he debased them in their own beds. Each and everyone of them. Dalid got an exceptional amount of perverse pleasure in wondering how many illegitimate bastards he could sire from these young virginal women.. Oh, that would be fun to try.. Perhaps tonight he would call upon the eldest daughter. Hells if he knew what her name was, only that she possessed an ample bust, and a nose that was so narrow he wondered if she could breathe through it at all.

Yes.. she would be first. He would come upon her in her room when she was alone.. ip her close off her, bend her over the end of her own bed and take her while she pleaded for him to–


Dallid’s eyes snapped over to the fool with the clipboard.

“What?!” his hissed.

“Valince just mentioned to me… erm.. that in that old storage room near the dungeon entrance.. there’s an old causeway door that seems to have been opened and shut…”

“That’s not far from here, right?” Dallid questioned, drawing  hand up onto which he rested his chin.

“N-No sire. It’s down the corridor and to the right.. it’s really quite obscured and mostly unused.. I think that’s why it wasn’t noticed before..”

Unbridled rage flashed across Dallid’s face.

“REALLY? You said you had everyone in this gods-be-damned scouring every inch!” darting a hand out, he grabbed the man by his throat and started to squeeze. The fear- the absolute terror in his eyes was clear, and Dalid relished it.. He squeezed and squeezed, all his rage pouring out. “You are incompetent! Next time, don’t you dare be so stupid!” Dalid started to release the mans throat, slowly relaxing his cold, iron grip.

Just when he was about to release the man all together, Dallid suddenly grinned evilly and tightened his grip even more to the point where one slight movement of any of his fingers would have irreparably crushed the servants larynx.  Grinning as his cold grey eyes watched the poor fool struggle against his grasp, Dallid couldn’t suppress a dark cackle. His fingers shifted then so that his nails were now digging in to either of the servants throat, a heat beat later his nails suddenly began to grow.

So much so they were soon boring deep into the mans neck.. Soon the sounds of choking and gurgling could be heard; while any cry of pain from this fool was silenced. Dalid smirked when he felt the first warm torrent of blood trickle down his hand, followed by an even bigger torrent. Soon the mans struggling became nothing more than a few feeble twitches as the last of his life drained out from his body; the mask of horror still frozen on his face by the time Dalid released him with a loud thud echoing as he hit the floor.

“I hope this serves as a lesson..” he hissed bitterly. The crowd of soldiers and servants watched in horror then as Dallid raised his bloody hand and licked some of the blood from it. His eyes flickering shut as he took a moment to enjoy the taste of fear and death. His eyes fell open a moment later. “Clean this place up.” he ordered, stepping over both Ori and the servants body indifferently. “NOW. SHOW me this room and this door in question. I want someone to  scour every inch of it and find out where it comes out. Am I understood?!” his raspy voice hissed. It was no surprise when a couple dozen heads nodded like loose springs before they dispersed like so much smoke.

Smiling at his command of these fools, Dallid wandered out of the hags room and down the corridor in the direction the clipboard servant had indicated. He could feel their nervousness and fear as the sound of his footsteps echoed, invariably drawing closer to them. It earned another cruel smirk from Dallid who made it a point to keep that bloodied hand quite visible as he drew upon the pair of soldiers evidently waiting for him. Disarming them with a smile and slight ow of his head, Dallid walked into the room, his robes swishing around his ankles.

“This is the room?” he asked, glancing around. Really nothing remarkable about it. Even the royal crest on the wall looked boring. Now caked and obscured with countless cobwebs and mounds of dust. Several small torches burned on the wall, but other than a few crates and such he saw little of importance.. Until rounding a soft corner, at which point he saw the old iron door. It looked older than the surrounding wall even. It was no wonder so many people over looked it and presumed it to be nothing more than a ventilation shaft or something. Perhaps it had once been at some point. Who knew..

Running his fingers along the cold metallic surface, Dallid opened his mind and tried to ascertain who or what had been in contact with this last.. But, aside from sight lingering pheromones,  there was nothing.. No clue as to help him focus in on this girl and whomever she had been with. Growing softly, Dallid rose to his feet and glanced back at the soldiers waiting at the door.

“Find me someone who can fit through this crawlspace and have them search it until they find where it comes out!”

They nodded and quickly rushed off to do as Dallid had ordered.

Another pleased smile etched it’s way onto Dallid’s face as he emerged from the storage room and headed back to his chambers. Stopping only to grab a serving girl by her arm and yank her aside. “Make sure I have a copy of their reports sent to me at once. Do you understand?”

She nodded fearfully.

“Good.” Dallid released her. “And send Princess Monra to my chambers at once. I have some questions I need answered. Tell her to come now. Not when she ‘feels’ like it’.  Understand that?” he snapped.

Once more the servant girl nodded and rushed to do what she was ordered. Feeling quite pleased with himself, Dallid returned to his chambers to wash up, change his clothes and wait for the princess to arrive..

– – – – – – – –

– – – – –

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