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TotTSM – Part 3.


– – – – – – –

It was well into midday before Phena paused beneath a tree on the cities edge, trying to get a feel for what the people on the other side of the line were like.. And she could only imagine how she would look to them.. A young, attractive girl wandering in through their gates dressed only in her evening gown? Would she even make it through without incident? Would anyone tell her how to get back home safely?

Well that was anyone’s guess now, wasn’t it..

Swallowing hard, Phena’s tongue brushed against her bottom lip and she soon sighed. For such a big city, it seemed awfully… quiet.. Not that there weren’t people brushing about; or that the market wasn’t active. But something about it wasn’t right.. Commotion on the road turned her gaze.  A rather large wagon was attempting to navigate the various dips in the first road, leaving Kaeda to quickly duck beneath another tree further off.

How odd that no one seems to care.. That whole thing could tip over and whatever it’s carrying could be spilled out; blocking the way.. Why has no one offered to assist them…? Or fixed the bloody road for that matter? Do they think it’s some form of protection?  she mused with another quiet sigh.

And while I’m at it, where is the sign post? What town is this? I’d like to get changed out of my bed clothes..

Arms still tightly crossed over her chest.

“Hey, you. Girl. What are you doing?” came a whispered male voice. Of course it scared Phena out of her skin and she whipped around in the direction the voice came in.

So help me if it’s another set of floating mystical eyeballs.. Phena thought as she struggled to catch her breath, her orbs searching the ground close by for anything she could quickly grab and chuck at an aggressor.

“W-” swallowing hard. “Well I was about to find someone in this city to ask where I am so I can direct myself home.. Who the Creeds are you?” still searching the thick under growth for the figure. Finally, near a mossy section of the old brick wall that seemed to surround- or in the least mark the outer boundaries- of this city, she caught the sight of a person standing up from a crouched position. From what she could make out, he was a tall man; seemed to have messy blonde hair. At this distance there wasn’t much definition. Considering  his garb near matched the brush and bushes he was hiding in.

“I wouldn’t.” he answered, poised where he was.

“And why not? Granted I’m not quite dressed for the occasion. But all I want to know is what city this is so I can get back to mine.”

A peculiar look spread itself onto the mans face, but he said nothing to Phena’s statement directly.

“Be that as it may, I would not advise walking into the city as you are. Things are very strange as of late.”

“If you only knew..” Phena sighed quietly.

“.. You would be arrested for indecency and thrown into a jail, I think. Then perhaps decreed a sorcerer..  Follow me this way, I’ll show you inside.”

“Do you truly think I’m that stupid?” she scoffed. “Go around the back of some shoddy old brick wall with a stranger dressed like I am? No offense, but I think I’d rather take my chances walking through the center of town stark naked.” giving her eyes a gentle roll.

When her eyes looked back to the side of the wall where this man had been, the figure was gone.

“The hell.. Fine, go on, leave me here. Could’ve told me what city I was at first though. Now I suppose I have no choice but to go on in. Gods.. here I am talking to myself.. I really am going insa- ah!” she yelped as the man now stood barely three feet from her. Arms at his sides.

Now that he was up close, she could see just how handsome he was. His face was smooth. His skin a light tan in hue. His cheek bones were high and rather prominent, Phena thought. His eyes were a very lovely shade of moss green and his mouth seemed soft and inviting, but rather pursed at the moment. Tufts of his messy blond hair stuck out from the dark green and black spotted cap he wore that matched the rest of his scruffy looking attire. Which he must have been wearing because it blended in so damn well with the underbrush and moss. She certainly didn’t notice a thing until he spoke, and her eyes had passed that spot several times as if something was watching her. And now it made perfect sense of course.

“What the in the hell was that for?” panted Phena, trying to catch her breath. This man with the stern face- she could have sworn she saw an ever so faint smile twitch onto it.

“Be still.”  he huffed. “If I had wanted to hurt you, or even rape you, I could have done so by now with great ease.”

Again Phena rolled her eyes

“And whether or not you like it, I’m the one who will get you on your way quite intact. Now come with me. Dressed as you are you can’t move through the city unhindered, and trying to go around it will take days.. You have my word I wont damage your virtue.” saying that last word with a slight hint of mirth to his speech, Phena suspected.

“Right… Well, seeing as how I evidently have no choice, lead on. But touch me and I’ll gut you like a min-”  Without warning, this man clamped a hand over Phena’s mouth and yanked her to the ground, quickly enveloping her in his arms.

This is it!  Phena screamed in her mind, trying to extricate herself from this mans grasp even as he bore down on her. This is how I’m going to die! Oh gods!. If I’m so damned special, why are you going to let this man do this to me! Goddess help me!

Her fingers grinding into the cold, wet earth..

Fuck it. I can’t think enough tonight to finish.

– –

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