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GPofF 2.1 — 2

Link could not believe his eyes. The figured which stood before him was THE Sheik! The real Sheik! Not the Princess dressed up in disguise as Sheik. He could tell this at once by the mouth which was revealed when he tore away the facial covering. That mouth– so perfect, upturned in a faint smirk. So lovely and yet so unlike Zelda’s. Overall the facial structures were very similar, but with obvious differences due to the opposite sexes. Cheek bones were a little more prominent, eyes were that distinguished red, the hair a light shade of blond with tufts hanging out from beneath the wrappings which had hidden this individual so well over the last few years.. Or had anyway.

But… In the Temple of Time.. Sheik was Zelda.. or Zelda was Sheik.. He’d witnessed the transformation first hand.. For all that he had done, through all the adventures he had been through, seeing Sheik reveal herself as Zelda was probably the second biggest surprise of his life. Well, that and finding out he was actually Hylian, not Kokiri– although THAT piece of news was perhaps not such the shock it should have been. Somewhere deep down he knew he was different from the others of the Forest and not having a Fairy of his own was all the more proof of that. He hadn’t been able to put into words as a child what he felt was so different, but when it was explained, then of course he understood why part of his life had felt disconnected from the rest. The other giant shock was Ganon finding Zelda so fast and snatching her away from the Temple in that giant pink crystal..

Nevertheless, the Hero of Time stood there dumbfounded, unable to keep from staring at the Sheikah male before him. Why had he come now? What was wrong? Sheik, meanwhile, seemed to grow more and more amused by the Hero of Times surprise. Hadn’t he known also deep down that there had to have been a figure from which Zelda had borrowed her disguise? Crafty was the Princess, and very wise was she in her later years of teenagehood, but for much of the time she had hidden herself from the ever vigilant gaze of Ganondorf, her altered appearance  had been borrowed from any number of Impa’s people, the Sheikah?

Finally it was Sheik who broke the bubble of silence that had warped itself around the pair.

“Hero of Time,” he bowed, soon tucking the strip of cloth that had been masking his face amongst the wrappings around his head. “Forgive my intrusion upon your solitary retreat, but I could not think of a better time to approach thee..” pausing to clear his throat before continuing. As he spoke, Sheik could see Link starting to relax visibly, a sign that the ever vigilant Hero was letting down his guard and starting to trust the REAL Sheik, although he might not have been the sagely Princess.

“I see…” said Link softly, soon gesturing to the ground. “Well, then.. have a seat and we can talk awhile. Dare I ask what is is you have come to find me for? Am I needed somewhere else? I have never been one to shy away from a quest of any kind… My wish to help others is greater than my wish for solitude, but.. .I cannot deny that a little downtime wouldn’t be appreciated..” the Hero smiled a bit, and settled on the ground, with Sheik joining him a second thereafter, legs crossed, and hands upon his knees in an almost meditative fashion.

“Worry not, dear Hero of Time. I have not be called to, or sent by anyone to fetch thee. It is my hope that even the Gods know when the great Hero is weary and could use some recovery time… Although in truth, dear Link, it has been seven years since.. well.. all of that happened.. No one but a chosen few, such as yourself, the Princess and myself remember much of what happened. I also know that being the Chosen Hero, you would not say no if you were called upon again, would you?” another smile touched the Sheikahs lips as those keen red eyes looked over Link once again.

“Ah, no.. I suppose not. One can’t forget that I have been picked out of any number of people to do these things. I can’t imagine why really.. I wouldn’t call myself anything special.. And despite the whole Triforce business, I wouldn’t call myself exceptionally courageous..  I merely act for what is right…”

“And that is why they love you so.” Sheik chuckled, then scooted forward to sit beside Link so that they both might look over the blessed Lake together.

“So.. you just.. found me because?” Link questioned after a short stretch of silence.

Sheik nodded.

“As I said, I could not find the proper time to approach thee. I did not want thee to tfear there were more dark things brewing within Hyrule.” Sheik laughed softly.

“Oh. I see.. Well.. it’s nice to see you… er… the REAL you again… Was it ever the real you during that time?”

Sheik nodded.

“Several times. But it was always with careful instructions from the Princess herself..”

“Has she a message for me? Have you come bearing news of her?”

Sheik shook his head, that soft smile still playing on his lips.

“Nay. I have not been to the Palace or to Her Majesty in several weeks. Was it her you were truly hoping to see?” Sheik asked, his head tilting to the side slightly.

“Yes and no.. It has been too long since I have been to see her as well. I just thought… well she had dressed up again and come out to see me. I have heard she makes a common practice of that now.” Link chuckled a bit, sitting back on his hands once more as those bright azure orbs of his looked over the clear, cold water of Lake Hylia once again.

After several more silent minutes lost in thought, Link glanced over, fully expecting Sheik to have disappeared again, as he had been so fond of doing back in the day. Perhaps that was the way with all Sheikah, he hadn’t thought to ask before. When his gaze shifted though, Sheik was still there, staring at him. Leaving the Hero of Time once more confused. Had he said something to offend the other?

“Forgive me for asking Sheik.. but why do you stare so? Have I got something on my face from lunch?” idly brushing at his mouth.

“Nay dear hero,” Sheik smiled. “Forgive me for staring, but I cannot help it. I have admired you for some time. As I had admired you before… I pray you take no offense to this, O great Hero of Time..”

Leaning over suddenly, Sheik pressed his mouth to Links. Savoring the way he tasted and the softness of his lips. So stunned was Link by this, that he could only sit there dumbfounded and in awe until the Sheikah male pulled back, and made like he was going to get up and disappear.

Instinctively, Link reached out and grabbed one of Sheik’s wrists to prevent such a thing.

“You.. erm.. you don’t have to depart..” mumbled a still very stunned Link. “I think… perhaps you should sit awhile..”

– – – – – – –

(I hope that was worth the wait.)

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  1. Love it !!

    August 24, 2011 at 15:29

    • Thank you. I’m glad ♥ :- )

      August 24, 2011 at 19:36

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