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GpoFF – 2.3 – NSFW

*Gasp* On time for a change! Egads!!

ALSO: The following post contains sexual content. If you are at work or don’t want to read ‘smut’ then please click the back button NOW. Other wise, read on and enjoy. I hope the wait was worth it.  I hope next week will be just as good. Drop me a line if you want to see MORE Link on Sheik, or another story all together! Thanks for reading. – S.

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“You.. erm.. you don’t have to depart…”  The words left Link’s mouth before he could stop them..  He couldn’t believe what had just happened. That THIS Sheik was THE Sheik Zelda had borrowed her disguise from and that he had just been KISSED by him..!  His head was spinning and for the first time in he didn’t know how long, Link was speechless.

“You are certain I have not thee offended?” Sheik asked hesitantly. His slender frame looking almost elegant from this angle.

“I’m quite certain.” Link murmured numbly.

“Very well then, Hero of Time… I’ll remain for a bit longer.” The Sheikah male returned, settling beside the Hylian once more. His legs together and raised a bit, with his arms wrapping loosely around them as he too stared off onto the blessed, beautiful lake water.

There was a long, painfully loud silence; with only the sound of the lapping water and sounds of the birds to hear. Finally, with the distinct feeling that he was being watched, Sheik looked over to see that Link was still staring at him, wide-eyed and that faint twinge of red upon his cheeks. A rather fetching look for the revered Hero of Time if he did say so.

Another quiet laugh escaped him then.

“Are you terribly certain I have not offended you, Link? I… realize what I did there was unexpected, perhaps even unwelcome, but I have watched you from afar for much time. I have come to you more than you know, I have given my shape, my body, my guise to the Princess.. I cannot deny I have become fond of you…” It was Sheik’s turn to blush, and he glanced away with a sheepish grin. “I do hope you’ll remember I have always had your best interest at heart. I always shall. Me and whatever remains of the Sheikah will always be here to help you and the Royal Family whenever it is needed..” His red orbs shifted back to Link who still appeared shocked. “Say something Link! I… would feel terrible if .. if you were made uncomfortable. Think of it as a Sheikah blessing if you must, just say something!”

Finally shaking his blond head, Link swallowed hard and took a deep drink of air.

“Sheik I… no… ” Laying a hand on one of the Sheikahs own.”I’m sorry.. I’m .. I was just stunned.. at that.. I didn’t expect you to appear! Let alone kiss me!”

“I haven’t offended you, dear Hero?” Sheik inquired hesitantly.

“No. Not at all. Far from it, I’m flattered. Really I am. It’s not every day a Hylian gets kissed by a Sheikah!” Link laughed, slowly scooting closer to Sheik, who appeared unaware of it.

“Oh, good.” Sheik breathed with another gentle smile flickering across his visage.

“What… DO you feel for me… exactly?” Link asked then after another brief pause.

“Well, I… that’s hard to say… I mean.. Like I said, I admire you a great deal, O Hero.. You who glide through time and land like it was a common occurrence. Who bravely charges into the Temples of Old to awaken the Sage or find the stone, or gather the cape… You have done so many wondrous things, Link.. I admire your courage. Your strength, your wisdom. I think there could have been no greater person to carry the weight of the Triforce with them. You and the Princess are the embodiment of wonderment. Is it so shocking why one would be enamored with–”

His voice was cut off suddenly as Link leaned over; stealing HIS lips this time. And not as timidly as Sheik had done, but with a force and a subtle desire that caused the Sheikah to pull back quickly, shaking a bit as he did so.

“Did I…” Link swallowed hard. “Did I… do something wrong? I mean.. you kissed me first.. I thought it was only fai–”

The Sheikahs lips were on his own in that instant. Earning an unexpected murmur of delight from the Hylian as he let it linger. He hadn’t noticed how surprisingly soft Sheik’s lips were until this moment. Soft and rather sweet. With what he could have sworn was a hint of honey or something as such to flavor them. No sooner had that kiss broke than it was followed hard upon by another, and still another.

When at last Link opened his eyes and drew back to catch his breath, the Hero of time found that Sheik was laying back on the grass, and he was virtually on top of him.

“Link…” breathed Sheik, hardly above a whisper. There was so much to say.. And yet words failed him.. He could only stare up at Link in awe and wonder.

“Sheik.. I… I’m not.. I mean.. IS there more between us?” He questioned, almost desperately searching the others gaze as the backs of his digits on his left hand gently brushed against the Sheikahs cheek.

“There is as much as you want, dear Hero. You know I would never abandon you. I have sworn to be of assistance to you and the Royal Family for all of my days. Be that whatever it may.” Sheik nodded; earning another smile from Link who bent for another hungry kiss…

. . .

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