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GPoFF – 1

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The first time I ever came across the sky pirate called Balthier was at the Westgate Aerodrome in the Royal City of Rabanastre.. Little did I know when first laying eyes on him, how momentous and life altering that chance encounter would be. Then again, when do these kinds of things ever walk up to you and smack a person across the face? His was a face that one that drew me in instantly. Like lightning to water.

The ongoing war between Archadia and Rozarria and the subsequent annexation of Dalmasca had left me a widow at the age of sixteen. By the time I arrived in Rabanastre I had just celebrated my seventeenth year. Alone. In my small private cabin in the dark aboard a small, but sturdy airship. As much as I looked forward to stepping back onto Rabanastin soil, this trip wasn’t one of pleasure, but rather necessity.

I needed to see the city of my birth as it was one last time before the Empire swallowed it alive and made it a thing wholly different than I remembered.  So, I took the last of the gold my husband Etan had left me and booked passage for Dalmasca. No one seemed to give notice to the young girl- woman rather, with the long, curly reddish auburn hair; pinned up rather haphazardly and the plain looking kind of light blue dress. All of my good clothes had been long sold off, along with nearly everything else but the clothes on my back and the few gil I had left after paying for the trip.. The price for coming back to my homeland was all the gifts and trinkets Etan had given me for a wedding gift, along with my .

I was a young girl of fourteen when I was married to Etan, a young solider from Archadia. His family was mildly wealthy; owned several air ships and specialized in transporting goods (and occasionally dipping their toes in the transportation of illegal items when the money was right) from Archades to Dalmasca, from Dalmasca to the Phon Coast and so on. Being the eldest son, he was expected to join the military and prove himself worthy of inheriting what his ancestors had built. HE was seventeen when my father brought me to meet him and arranged the marriage. What was left of my family had been living in Archadia since after the death of my mother when I was five years of age.

Etan was a sweet boy. I grew to be very fond of him.. When I saw him, that is. We had a fortnight together just after we were married, and then the war happened and he was shipped out. I didn’t see him after that. I had only his letters and the money he sent home every week. Not much of a marriage, I guess. But the affection was there in his words, I could feel or. Or at least I had to make myself believe it. The close of nearly all his letters was how he could not wait to come back home and start a family..  But I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of  family we could have while the Empire loomed large over head.

Talk of a resistance was almost unheard of in Archades.. But it did happen. One just had to know where to go to find it. Old Archades was a good place to start. The fastest way to get word of goings on were from the people who were given little thought nor notice of by those of us in Archadia proper, and the man who sat around trading information for whatever he could get. Usually small fortune in gil. It was such a sad and dreary place. I noted that much the first time I snuck into it.

Etans family and I lived on a quiet street in Archadia. Near a shop that sold weapons. The house we lived in was actually a four family apartment building that my in-laws had purchased for us for a marriage gift… Then of course proceeded to move into when Etan was shipped off so that I wouldn’t be alone. They had one half of the building, I had the other. Although most days I was to be found on their side. They wanted to keep an eye on their young, fertile daughter-in-law so that no one else would have me. Etan was to make me with child as soon as he returned home. They meant to see to that. At the time I didn’t mind, of course.. I was a wife, that was my job and I knew they were both disappointed that I wasn’t already with child when Etan left after that fortnight..

However, as anyone who lived during that time and remembers the battles between Archadia and Rozarria, and then the annex of Dalmasca, life was chaotic, uncertain, much more so than usual. Nabradia had just been destroyed, and Dalmasca subjugated when Etan and I were wed.. In a few months time,  Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca, myself and so many others shared a similar story in that our husbands were dead..

With Etan dead his parents were all too keen to wed me off to their next son,  Hjan.  But that I wouldn’t have. Etan had barely been interred when talk of this marriage arose. So when I said my journey was a necessity, I truly meant it. Not only because I had to see what remained of Dalmasca before the Empire perverted it, but also because the date was set for my next marriage, and Hjan was nothing like Etan.. Etan was sweet, gentle, goofy. Hjan was ambitious, mean and demeaning.. I had to get away, and in a matter of weeks I found myself wandering the streets of a busy, crowded Rabanastre with only that little bit of gil left in my pocket.

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The rest coming soon. I need to sleep.

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It took so long to get started because I was (and am) having a hard time choosing between first and third person narratives. Maybe I’ll try both out at some point and see how I like it.

My notes:



Your notes:

Ffamran mied Bunansa = Balthier.

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