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Morning on Lake Hylia.

The sun was bright, the sky was that perfect shade of blue, and the waters of this ancient, vitally important lake were clear and inviting. Looking out over the serene area, one might never have known such evil things had once been happening here. That this place could ever have been subject to the evils of Ganondorf and his monsters. Yet to a select few whose memories remained intact, this place, so calm and perfect had seen it’s share of horrors.

Link laid back; fingers entwined beneath his messy yellow locks as he did so and gazed up at the slowly rolling clouds. Out of his periphery the Hero of Time noticed that rather odd looking house in which the old professor used to work in. It wasn’t exactly creepy really, but it wasn’t a place Link would have chose to spend his time had the Big Goron not required some medicine for his cold. And still only he remembered that.. He and perhaps one either. Far out to his left and nearly half way across the lake was the Fisher mans hut. Still in business after all this time. Perhaps in a while Link decided, he would take the floating plant over and do some fishing. There was always the option of swimming of course, but the flying plants were much more fun.

And then of course in the enter of the make was the top to the Water Temple. Quiet now, but at one time filled to the brim with all kinds of monsters and traps. Negotiating through that had been a nightmare, no thanks to the builders ingenious plan of needing the water levels inside risen and lowered depending in which part one needed to travel. Clearly they had not intended to make much use of it at first.. Although it had made life for Morpha much easier..

It was quiet moments such as this that left the Hero much time to think back on that life.. To all the mistakes they had made and had rectified. The ‘normal’ time line had been restored, nearly everyone’s memory erased, save for his. Save for hers, save for the great sage Rauru.. No one remembered the terror, the changes, the evil that had so suddenly taken over their world and that had come so close to erasing everything good about Hyrule and it’s people..

No. Link could not forget. There was nothing about that time he could forget. No matter how far back Zelda sent him, no matter how many other adventures he was sucked in to or found himself going to. No matter how many places or people he saved.. THIS Hyrule, THIS life would always stand out to him. From the Deku Tree to that last battle with Ganon.. A face he still saw in the depths of his nightmares. And that laugh..

Link couldn’t help but cringe as he recalled that deep, mocking laughter of Ganondorfs. Former king of the Gerudo..  Master of evil, unwelcome keeper of the Triforce of Power..  Had that been changed as well? Had the Triforce been rejoined and sealed back away in the Sacred Realm? That thought on his mind, Link retrieved his left hand from beneath his head and took a long hard gaze at the back of it. It didn’t feel any different. He didn’t see any glowing triangle.. But the force of that courage, that feeling it instilled within him… Part of that seemed to remain. Like it still called to him somewhere in the back of his mind..

Ah yes.. Zelda.. Sweet, wise Zelda.. Princess extraordinaire.. He still thought of HER quite often too. Years ago, after she had ‘restored’ Hyrule and erased everyone’s memory, he had left Kokiri Forest once more and journeyed to see her. She was just as lovely as ever. And perhaps some would disagree with him, but Link still saw her as wise as ever. SHE had not forgotten what happened either, and had taken those lessons to heart. Of them all, the Hero of Hyrule respected her more than nearly everyone. SHE had helped shape who he’d become. And for that he was still quite fond of her. Perhaps in a week or so, he would journey back to the Castle for a visit.

A snapping of twigs made the Hero sit up instantly; those bright azure orbs darting around for the source of the noise. Needless to say, Link didn’t like to be snuck up on or surprised. Not after all this. Being stalked usually resulted it some kind of skull beast trying to cleave his head in two with a giant sword or some such.. Eyes darting around the grass and around him, Link saw nothing and went to lay down again. Another gentle crushing of grass was heard, causing his heart to leap into his throat.

Have courage and you will go far! he heard in his mind, causing Link to let out a very light, very brief chuckle as he thought of Kaeporea.. Resisting the urge to jump up and brandish his wooden sword, Link forced himself to remain still. Eyes closed, breathing even. Looking upon him one might have thought he had fallen asleep, but that was not the case. He waited, and he listened.

Another crunch of grass. Seemingly deliberate this time. AND much closer. Followed by another, and another. Silence. Another step, and another. So close.. He could almost hear Navi in her telltale voice saying “WATCH OUT!” In a flash, Links left hand darted out, latching onto the hilt of that wooden sword as he jumped to his feet! Knees bent, arms out, sword ready for defense.


Crunch from behind him now.

Instantly Link whipped around upon the ball of one foot, his eyes going wide.

“Sheik!  I mean– Zelda!– Princess!” he bowed deep. Unable to keep his eyes off the veiled Sheikah figure before him. Garb just the same as it had been one timeline and several years ago.. Depending on how one looked at it. In the glory of the early morning light, the giant red eye upon the front of the figures chest shone brightly. Almost with an iridescence of it’s own. Even the whites and purples of her outfit seemed brighter.

I can’t believe she’s here. Mused Link to himself with a soft smile twinging on his lips. Just after I was thinking of her too.. Out of habit, he bowed again. But still the figure remained motionless. Setting into Link a whole new set of concerns. Perhaps this WAS a dream, or a vision, or s start of another venture he wasn’t ready for just yet.

“Princess? Have… have I said something to offend you? I… meant to come visit sooner, but in your last letter you said life was very busy at the moment. I thought perhaps it best to wait a week or two more before coming back.. Thought I would spend some time camping at Lake Hylia.. Can.. can I offer you a seat? A drink from my water skin, perhaps?” asked the young hero in his soft masculine voice.

And still there was silence. The Sheikah figure remaining still. Although there did appear to be a look of mirth slowly coming to the persons face. Surely Zelda would not tease him so.

“Alright! Just who are you?!  I don’t want to spill anyone’s blood on these shores, but if you refuse to yield–” darting a hand out, Links deft fingers grabbed a hold of the fabric over the Sheikahs mouth and face, and gave a quick yank back. His mouth once more falling open.


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  1. I like Link’s musings on specific events that happened in the game. And especially the Water Temple. XD

    July 23, 2011 at 21:47

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