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New Wednesday Exercise.

New Wednesday Weirdness is up. This is one of the contenders for the NaNo thing. Still trying to flush out my ideas for the second story. Anyway, check it out.


R.I.P Garfy boy.

My sisters cat Garfield passed away presumably sometime today. My mum found him in the landlords sisters ‘antique’ garage thing out back. He looked as though he just laid down and went to sleep. He DID have a heart condition, so we’re assuming it had something to do with that, but at the same time his passing wasn’t expected and it really sucks. He was such a sweet cat. He’d love on anyone and roll over so you could pet his tummy.

; _ ; I miss you Garfy. Rest in peace baby boy.

NaNo Dread?

Is anyone other than me having serious NaNoWriMo dread?

I did it last year to show one of my friends that I could do it, and I did. I think I could do it again. I have two separate ideas I could possibly turn into a story if I wanted to, but I’m not sure how much I do.

Sometimes it feels to me, that you’re made to think that if you don’t do NaNo that you’re not a ‘serious’ writer and only ‘serious’ writers take part in NaNoWriMo. Etc etc etc. When I think of NaNo I can’t help but imagine this group of elitist writers sitting around and doing nothing but gloating about how good of a writer they are.

I don’t know. Sometimes I really can’t stand NaNo, but again, I’ll probably wind up doing it again to prove to people and myself especially, that last year wasn’t a fluke. It just really drives me nuts sometimes to hear people getting in a tizzy about Nano. Let me have my October before being inundated with ‘OMG IT’S TIME FOR NANO I HAVE NO IDEAS WHAT DO I DO? IT’S NANO TIME WHO IS NANO-ING?! NANONANO!’

Is that bad? Is there anyone else having a NaNoWriMo anxiety attack already?

About the Dreams.

Check out the new Dream Journal/Log thing I’ve got set up now under the ‘About‘ section.

A reminder to self.

THIS is really cute. Remind me to give this a whack shortly. Hehe.

After a bit of a break..

I’ve got a couple Mondays lined up. Wednesday is back on track, and I’m still unsure of what will become of Fridays stuff. I may just merge that into Wednesday’s deal, but we’ll see. I’m also contemplating adding a ‘Dream Journal’ of sorts to perhaps take Fridays place. In any event, more content is on the way, so stay tuned! :- )

TotTSM Monday

It WILL be on time Monday.

Shocking, I know. :- )