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My chosen writing exercise:  Write a story in ten/fifteen minutes.

Ready….? GO!

– – – – – – –

There one was a princess who lived in a might castle upon the highest hill in all the land. She was sweet and fair, but not as beautiful as her other sisters. Yet what she lacked in outer beauty, the princess made up for in inner beauty. She was kind,  and gentle to all; people and animals alike. Her favorite animal was her cat, Boscha. The princess loved her schooling, and excelled in nearly all she did. But there was one part of her life that the dear princess felt terribly unhappy about.

For the dear princess of the Hill was in love with the princess of the Full Moon, by far the most enchanting of all her sisters; the twin princesses of the crescents, the twins of the waxing and waning Moons, and then there was she, Princess of the Full (or Ripe) Moon. Many nights she watched the Lady dance around the heavens. Graceful, nimble, her iridescent beauty enthralling and entrapping.

How wonderful we  might be together, she thought longingly.

For I am kind and gentle, while she ist beautiful and elegant. We would round each other out quite splendidly.

Then one night as she stared upon the moon, a ladder of moonlight suddenly stretched forth to her bedroom window. Elated beyond words, the princess of the hill quickly scrambled up that moon ladder and into the arms of the Moon Princess most Fair. Her eyes the most vivid cobalt blue, her hair the richest of silver which fell to her hips and seemed to waft in a faint breeze that wasn’t so. Her lips were the most subtle hue of pink and the faintest hint of a smile was soul-capturing magnificent.

O beloved Lady of the moon!’ Said the Princess of the Hill. “Long have I watched thee, and long have I loved you beyond all others. I can only beg to sit at your seat for the rest of time, content to gaze upon your visage whilst being spell-bound by thy voice. Please say I hath earned thy love in return, even in a little!

With a loving smile, the Princess of the Moon Full Moon bent forward, capturing the Fair Princesses face betwixt her hands. O how the princess trembled in ecstasy!

Fair Princess of the High Hill, I have watched thee as many nights as thou hast turned thy eyes to this palace. And I deem thee most heaven-fair indeed! Beseech thee I to join me in this place and together shall we dance in happiness all our days. For thee I hath loved since the first hour thy eyes fell upon the Palace of the Full Moon. Come to me, my dearest!”

Her heart thundering like a canon, The fair princess threw her arms around the Princess of the Fullest moon; their lips join in the sweetest of embraces. It never occurred to the Fair Princess that their love should be despised, yet the Prince of the High Sun turned his gaze upon the Princess of the Full Moon and saw her embraced by a common land creature. And his heart was set to fury..

– – – – – – –



Alright, so that one was probably closer to 16 minutes ish. But not bad I think. It’s kind of cute. Maybe I’ll continue this. Anyway, emjoy.

Time started: 8:25

 Time ended: 8:40 (Ish)


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  1. More more more. 🙂

    July 23, 2011 at 21:45

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