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Irregardless Regardless Regarding Romance

“Are you ready for this?” mused *Jeneveve, a hand resting on her hip as the other toyed with a shiny new dagger bought only that morning from a local street vendor.It was a plain little thing, a black rubber handle and a blade freshly sharpened for the purchase.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” countered Xora, who raised her arms above her then, towards the heavens, giving her frame a might stretch in preparation for what was to come. Beneath them a bustling, thriving city went about its business as usual. T’was early in the morning still, the warm reds, oranges and pinks of dawn still lingered in the west whilst ever higher the bright orange sun rose higher and higher. It’s magnificent rays burning away the last remains of night while it made its way across the sky.

For several silent minutes the two women looked down over the already bustling morning traffic. Women carting their children down the streets, carriages plodding along over the freshly laid cobblestones, street cleaners milling about, dispersing of the odd clumps of dirt of debris remaining from the previous day whilst also attending to the newly left bits. Vendors were firing up their kiosks and their carts; those that served food had already begun preparing for the traffic by starting their cooking early. Thus by the time the first rays of the sun had started to show, curly tendrils of smoke rose upwards, entering Aviah and Xora’s nostrils and causing their mouths to water in simultaneous affirmation of their mutual hunger.

For a few moments they bantered back and forth about the possibility of going down and perhaps purchasing a meat roll, or one of those little meat pies down the street on another corner. Before long, however, it was agreed that until they were done here, food could wait. There was no sense filling ones stomach to the brim, then trying to run and jump, twist and turn, possibly risking a very serious injury or worse, possibly losing that meal in a matter of seconds. No.. coins were rare and precious these days; better to be save until they knew it was quiet and safe enough to scrape a small meal together.

Jeneveve let out a quiet sigh as she took a step back and also stretched her arms above her. This was going to be an insanely long few minutes. And with any luck, Xora and herself would be disappearing back into the shadows and onto their next goal before anyone had the chance to stop or detain them.. Neither of them could afford detention at this point. Not if they wanted to accomplish what they set out to do in a timely fashion..

Jeneveve was a tall woman of nineteen years of age, standing some 5’6″ tall, a slender but muscular frame complimented a very refined, very lovely face with prominent cheek bones and a kind of slight oval face. Her hair at one point had been waist-long shining gold, but now was a neatly cropped style, shorter in the back, longer in the front with two long wavy pieces outlining her porcelain face. She was dressed that day not in the ankle length, corseted nightmares any ‘decent’ woman wore these days, but in a pair of mens brown slacks, a white long-sleeved shirt, the cuffs of which were unbuttoned and folded back. She wore a light brown vest atop it. Normally her choice in clothes was as this, but more radiant in colors, but such was the situation, she needed rather drab, non attention calling garb.

To her right, Xora stood almost equal to her in height, perhaps an eighth of an inch taller, though it wasn’t that noticeable.  Jeneveve’s companion was also similar in bodily structure, form and even attire, save she (Xora) was less muscular and was more petite than Jeneveve over all. Even her face was a little more thin, her cheekbones not so prominent, but her face was smooth, flawless, even breathtaking, though no so much as her bright amber orbs. The kind that when they focused on a person, bore right into their soul and yet in the same length of time, one could sense her overwhelming compassion. Xora ‘s hair was a bit longer than Jeneveve’s, falling to about her shoulder blades, and was a warm auburn in color. That morn it was tied back in a tight braid to keep it out of her face and ungrabable by someone passing.

Staring at her for a moment, Jeneveve couldn’t help but be over taken by Xora’s beauty. So much so that her breath caught in her throat for a moment or two. The way the early morning sun hit Xora just right, her companion looked like some sort of heavenly, ethereal being.. Everything about this woman was amazing, and yet in those eyes; on that beautiful countenance that she had the privilege to wake up to every morning, that there was so much hurt and sorrow lying there. Sorrow and pain that had come forth from the events preceding their time on this roof by a couple years and many months in between.. How Jeneveve wished she could go back in time and change all of that.. Fix all of Xora’s pain and together live contently as they were always meant to..

“It’s time.” Xora said softly, breaking Jeneveve out of her thoughts with a cold gust of morning wind to accompany it. Sheathing her dagger on her right thigh, Jeneveve checked their gear one more time. Jiggling hooks, and yanking ropes.. Everything had to go off as planned. They couldn’t afford lines breaking or something slipping at this point. Below their rooftop perch, was a a building across the street. A rather plain, inconspicuous brown structure nestled between the offices of some forgettable little law firm on one side, and the county clerks office on the other. Adjacent to THAT was the local post office. IT’S doors were still tightly shut at this hour, of course. The things they had come for however, were not IN the post office, the lawyer building, or the clerks office, no.. It was in that plain brown building, that was probably meant to serve as some intermediary between the buildings it sat betwixt, or some fledgling store perhaps, though neither of them had ever seen anyone come and go in a few days..

As Xora had uttered “It’s time”, a lone figure walked up the left side of the street, a tall, gaunt man wearing a light grey suit and a weird looking hat walked up to the building; a large set of keys on one of those large round chains, such as the jailers had. In  his other hand was a briefcase, rather unobtrusive looking at first. Neither she nor Xora thought what they had come for would be in that briefcase, but no doubt they’d search it anyway..

After a moment of fumbling with the keys, the man finally found the one he sought and raised it with an almost triumphant grin.

Idiot.  Jeneveve thought. Unknowingly sharing the same thoughts as Xora as the pair quickly ducked down and gathered up their gear, ready for the jump. Peaking up over the ledge, they watched this male slide the key into the keyhole, turn it, then with a press of the lever, push open the door. A small bell over head jingling to announce his arrival. A moment later the door shut again and life on the street resumed as normal.

“Ready?” Jeneveve asked, drawing a deep breath.

“Ready!” Xora countered, and together they tossed their length of rope over the ledge and jumped over the side, plummeting to the ground several stories below..

– – – – – – –

. o O (Not a bad start so far for a story that started off as just an idea eh? Check back next Wednesday or Friday for more-  I haven’t decided where I want to place it yet.

  * = And as always, names may be subject to change. I’m not so crazy about ‘Aviah’, – How about Jeneveve?  So it might change by next time.)


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