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Wednesday excercise Part 3.

. o O (Sorry this took so long. I hope it was worth the wait).

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    The Prince of Sun, his fiery heart filled with rag as his eyes befell the Princess and his would-be queen of the Moon. How dare such a lowly, plain-faced mortal aspire for HIS Lady. Yea was he wrathful and soon the people did begin to lament how hot the days had become, there was no rain for their crops, and the earth was dry as dust. Loud did they cry and plead for the Sirens of Rain to approach o’er the Mountain Sisters most fair. Yet little did they perceive of the turmoil brewing where their eyes could not climb.

High in sky, as the Sirens of Rain marched forth, the Prince of the sun waged a grueling war with the Sirens, so that their precious cargo fell upon the Mountain Sisters and gave them not rain, but snow, deadly levels of it until the weight was so much that the avalanches began and took with them many one happy lives. Yea where they too slow to heed the warnings of the trees; the animals, the sky itself. And there did they perish beneath the snow most pristine white.

And all the little maids of grass, a thousand thousand miniature pillars on every stretch of open land, ever craning upwards to meet him, each adoring the fair face of the Prince of Sun were also quick to become frightened. For his rays became harsh and cruel. Even the high flowers most fair and beautiful, that wished to be the most spectacular, the most beautiful, so they might gain a moment of his sole attention were swift to wilt beneath his harshness. All the world was quickly drying up beneath his rage, and naught a soul knew of why, save the daughters of the moon.

It was during this time which the Prince of the Sun and Queens of the Moon would wander around the horizon together. There was no dusk, no dark, no night. Merely a light waning of the Sun magnificence as the Prince volleyed out deep into space that he might impress the Queen of the Full Moon, which he saw as the most desirable. The others, the Princess’ of the Half moons, the  Crescents and so forth, were aught but fanciful trinkets that danced around Her brilliance.

But wicked had his outstretched hand become, harsh was the land. THe People began to shut themselves within their homes for all but a few moments of the day. They retreated into their basements and their cellars. Any place for a moment of relief from the heat. Many perished from the Suns Wrath, and those whom lived pleaded with the Heavens that they might spare them.

Bring the rains!  they cried.

Sooth the Princes’ heart!

Within the Celestial House, the Princess of the Full Moon sat  with the Princess of the Hill, hanging upon her arm.Hearing now the cries of the sick, the dying, and the earnest pleas for help, she rose from her might throne and drew her companion into a passionate embrace.

“Alas my love, I fear there is a terrible battle to come. Mayhaps I should return you to your home, yet I would miss thine face so much..”

The Princess of the Hill merely smiled; her sweet soft lips pressing against those of the Full Moon Princess.

“My place is by your side. For I fear much of this doing is my own fault. Pray thee, let me stay. If nothing else to stand beside thee. The Sun Prince is terrible in his rage, and if ye should fall. I should wish to be beside thee. For my heart is thine own. My soul tied with yours, the dance of the Moon Daughters woven into mine soul. I should no sooner wish to be deposited back in that cold castle, than for thee to set for ever.”

Knowing her mistresses heart was true; as was her love, the Princes of the Full Moon drew to her fullest height; posture regal and elegant as she once more dominated the skies. This of course caught the attention of the Sun Prince who foot steps upon the land had caused great deserts to rise.

Seeing his loves full greatness within the heavens, the Prince rose to his as well, bring if, but for a moment, some minor relief to the people.

“Princess of the Full Moon, my would-be Queen. Hath thou come to forsake thy silly human lover and take thine place with me?”

“Foolish Prince,” replied she. “You have never had mine love, nor shall thy ever. The heart of mine Princess is true. Is full. Is loving and sweet. While your radiance brings light and head to the day, it ist a fine line between sustenance and terror, as thine hast demonstrated below. So consumed in thy rage you bring sorrow and misery to the people who depend upon thee for thy livelihood. I, accustomed to being appreciated for my beauty, the tides and the blessings I give to the night, the light of mine which lights the world opposite of thee. It hast become clear to me what must be done. I pray you remember your duty to the people, whom even now sing thy praise..”

The Sun Prince regarded his future queens words with a new humility, but also a sense of dread. He had ever adored her. Expected her to be his bride and bear his children. Yet now she seemed forever beyond her reach and alas no one, human or immortal would ever compare to she.

“Sisters! Join me.”

In an instant her Sisters, each of the crescent, half and waning moons appeared behind her. Singing with such sweetness as was never heard upon the world before or since. Each standing still; regal and tall. Brighter and bright they became until even the sun Prince had to shield his eyes. When next he opened them, they were gone. Long did he search the horizon for her. When at last he thought to give up, he finally sat his Princess just beyond the reaches of the world. She was far more beautiful than ever before. More than he ever recalled. And still at her side was the Princess of the Hill, staring at her adoringly as she would remain forevermore.

“Princess! I shall come for thee!!!” he declared with a thunderous cry and thump to his chest.

Onward he sped, determined to reach his beloved. So close to he and yet so far. Upon the edge of the world, yet beyond. Beautiful yet haunting..

Yet as he drew closer, she drew away. He drew back and she drew closer. He did not understand. Why was she seem so close, but constantly so far away no matter what he did? Lo as he chased her around the heavens, so did he set and night fell upon the world. And the children of The Princess of the Full Moon and the Princess upon the Hill were as numerous and beautiful as they, and many went on to become the most blessed  and beloved of star constellations.

And yeah was the tale of the Princess’  most happy for all time…

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  1. That was so awesome. Makes you not look at the sky the same way again.

    August 24, 2011 at 15:25

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