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Wednesday exercise

15 minutes:

20 minutes (ish) :

    Staring upon this figure unmoving, Phena could not get her brain and her mouth to work together. It was the most curious frustrating situation of her life. She was not one to lose her wits so easily, even over one with such a striking, beautiful face as this mans. And he certainly was a looker. Definitely the most beautiful visage she had ever the privilege to look upon.. And yet he stood there, silent and still. For a second or two Phena started to wonder if he was even there at all; or if perhaps she was dreaming. A quick pinch to her own side proved her wrong..

“W…Who are you?” She stammered, swallowing hard. Those words left a curious taste in her mouth, as if they were the first words she had ever spoken aloud. “Why have you come here? My … my fathers guards are but just over that hill. If I scream, they will be here in a flash..” Yet even as those words left her mouth, Phena knew she was wrong to speak the. This man, this lovely gorgeous man with nothing but kindness in his eyes would never so much as strike her even in jest. She knew that. Somehow, deep down inside she knew that for certain and that fact was more true to her than almost all else.

Finally this man, with his long, flowing hair managed a soft smile and bowed at his waist to her.

“Yeah daughter of the great I’dar.. I have come to give thee a give from my people to yours… And also in part, from myself, to you alone.”

While he was scantly clad in little more than that knee-long wrap that seemed barely enough to hide anything, the man reached into a pocket she had not noticed until he did so, and from it, pulled forth a small ring. Like nearly everything about this person, was not as it seemed by first glance. Peering closer, what looked to be mere golden ring with a blue stone on top, quickly proved to be much more. Upon closer inspection, something in that ring and something within her mind joined as one, and she was suddenly transported, if not in body, but in mind, to a wondrous place she could not even begin to guess where it lie.

From where she stood Phena was able to stare out upon what seemed like a never-ending plain of flowing green grass. To one side, far in the distance, while she could not see it, Phena was suddenly keenly aware of an ocean. There was in her thoughts, the calls and echos of any number of sea birds. She could almost hear the ocean lapping at the docks and the shore lines.  It felt like an echo or a whisper, but very much palpable all the same.

Still reeling from that realization that in that direction lay a massive and bountiful sea, Phena turned then to the right and was suddenly aware of a massive city with buildings that touched the heavens and then some! They were thin, but massive. Decorated with an almost infinite number of  symbols, and paintings and murals. She could hear the people talking, laughing and conversing. The language was not known to her, but the more she listened, the more Phena understood without even trying. She could sense no malice in this place. No hustle nor bustle of persons trying to get to their long, menial duties.

There was a sense of purpose, but it felt to be more geared towards spiritual endeavors and betterment of their people as well as visitors who came in seek of help. They were smart, friendly and lovely. They erected these buildings not just as homes, but monuments to their gods and the pursuit of knowledge. They lived simply, but that wasn’t to say they were stupid or ‘simple’, they were wildly complex and all of them suddenly felt to notice her; bending their thoughts and their gazes to the woman who stood amongst them, without standing beside them.

All the sudden she was back upon the beach, staring at the man with such awe that her knees gave way and she fell to the ground; only for his arms to encircle her and hold her up with just enough strength to lift her, but not a hair more should it hurt her.

“Phena… I should not say this for you know me not. But.. I feel that our hearts are as one. I wish… I pray you will let me see you again.. Perhaps next week from this very day?”

Still very much stunned from what had occurred, Phena nodded, a soft smile spreading onto her countenance.

“I… would very much like that… Swear to me you shall be there…”

“I swear it, Phena. I swear it above all else..” Pressing the ring into her hand, the man stepped back, smiled upon her once more, and was gone. Disappearing like smoke in the wind.

And there Phena stood long into the night before he feet finally carried her back into her chambers and she fell onto her bed asleep but her mind swimming with all she had witnessed in those few, but powerful seconds.

– – – – – – – –

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