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Writing Exercise 4

Had a lot of fun with this one today for some reason.

Took 15 minutes this time.

– – – – – – – –

The day began as a cheerful for one for Phena. She awoke to the warm sunshine streaming in through her windows, accompanied by a soft breeze which tousled her hair just enough to tickle her face and wake her with a giggle. The birds sang loud and even the air seemed to have an extra clear, crispness to it.

Tossing her blankets aside, the oldest daughter of the I’dar, the ruler of this kingdom, swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood. A gentle yawn passing from her as she stretched her arms o’er her head. To her massive bathroom she then strode, wavy, waist-long hair of strawberry blond bobbed and swayed as she did so. She was happy, she was hopeful. Dreams of her beloved filled her memories and as she discarded her silken robes in a silvery pool at her feet, Phena could not help but recount the last time in which they spoke.

T’was a week ago this very day. She was sitting upon the bank of their lake. Watching the water gently lick at the shore line. Trying again and again to advance further and further, only to be drawn backwards to start over. The lapping of those waves was almost hypnotic, Phena found herself mesmerized by not only the sound, but the sudden aroma of something…  all together different from her surroundings. To call it beautiful might sound absurd, but the moment in which it entered her nostrils, the fair-faced princess sat forward, her trance broken as she sought the source of the smell. Surely it could be no flower nor blossom fair? She had seen all there was in this place and while they all smelt lovely, there was not one which stood out to her as the most lovely of all.

And yet this thing, it was the most perfect smell she had ever known. It brought forth the most vibrant, pungent feelings of love and desire. Her eyes once more scanned the area around her, but in vain. Why would the gods torment her with such an aroma, something which deep down she knew was just a stepping stone to something much more.. She was just about to despair when she smelled it again and turned suddenly when it seemed to be coming behind her. Her indigo eyes settled first on a pair of olive-toned shins, following the natural course of the body, she soon gazed upon the vibrant gold eyes of a man, the most breath-taking visage she had ever known.

He looked strong. Well muscled, but not freakishly so. His skin was smooth and bore no scars that she could see. His face was flawless, high, prominent cheekbones and long black hair with mossy green highlights and a piece of shell hanging from a piece on his left temple. He wore only a wrapping around his waist, and a bracelet of gold upon his right wrist. Jumping up, Phena gasped, her eyes wide as could be, and try as she might no words escaped her. What could she say? This man was a trespasser on her fathers land. He was not one of the servants, nor was he a native of this land. What she did know however, was that when he looked at her, she saw only kindness in his eyes.

And she longed for more of it…

– – – – – – – – –

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